Paying for the Pedestal


The power of unity has been the cause of many modern-day miracles. There is one little known miracle that occurred because thousands decided to sacrifice to provide a monument that today is an everlasting attribute the power of unity. This little known miracle is how the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty was paid for. In 1881 the French began a project to build the Statue of Liberty to show their admiration to the American people. Once this statue was completed in 1885 and shipped to the United States there remained once major problem. There was no pedestal to place this enormous statue upon. It was at this time Joseph Pulitzer wrote an article appealing to the average American to donate. You see there was no large financier, nor did the American government wish to provide any funds to build the pedestal, but without the pedestal the Statue of Liberty would never be erected. In Pulitzers article he stated he would print the name of every donor no matter how small the donation was on the front page of his well known newspaper. He also stated that he would publish the heartfelt letters given with the donation in the newspaper as well. Within 6 months roughly 125,000 individuals would donate around $100,000 with most donations being $1 or less. Without these individuals the Statue of Liberty would have never been erected. The Statue of Liberty is not just a symbol of America, but it is a symbol of the power of unity.


Today, we, as Apostolics need to show our unity. We need to show it in our prayers! The church was built upon the pedestal of prayer (Acts chp2). In this hour our homes, our communities, our cities and our churches are under attack. It doesn’t matter what side of the Apostolic isle we worship on. WE ARE ALL UNDER ATTACK! When the threat of this pandemic is great, the threats being made against the church is much greater. Brothers and Sisters, WE NEED A MIRACLE! Jesus said when we pray we must ask to be delivered from evil (Matthew 6:13). There is a cure to this virus, but it is not a vaccine. There is a cure for this chaotic time that we live in, but it is not a new program. I know that prayer should be done individually, but we must understand that it also must be done as a unified body.

Chronicles 7:14

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

The key to this scripture is “If my People”. This is a plural statement! It does not say “If my PERSON”. We must bind together in prayer as a unified people! We can raise this miracle on the pedestal of prayer!

This article used with permission by the author.

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